“With blatant and even violent titles like “Young Asian Twink Fucked by White Cock”, “White Dad Breeds Asian Faggot”, “Big Daddy Mike Fucks Cute Asian Twink Dylan” and slightly subtle and even funny ones like “Vietnam VS USA”, the printed screenshots of pornography are presented in the center of the works, with the background underwear scanned in high-resolution, becoming the absolute main character of the piece. On top of them, skyscrapers in New York City, Renaissance statues, peculiar plants with thorns, close-up foam in a sink, default white men in suits, watermelons, metal chains and other of my original daily snapshots are working as a collage frame in the piece, echoing the private and the public, the hegemonic and the alternatives, the capital and the capitalised, the soft and the hard, the individual and the collective, them and us. The erased part and the remaining part are illustrating contemporary hieroglyphs together, bringing in another possibility of abstract reading.”