My work is centered around the exploration of innovative avenues within the realm of game engine technology, 3D design, and extended reality (XR), with a specific emphasis on their transformative potential for fashion and art content dissemination.

Within my professional sphere, I am committed to synergizing my background in computer engineering, fashion media production, and visual communication. This fusion guides me as I conceptualize immersive technologies not as mere substitutes for, or duplicates of, physical experiences, but as tools that amplify physical environments and facilitate real-time interactions. My investigations delve into the intricate interplay between human experience and interconnected cyber-physical ecosystems, examining how the bounds of creative expression expand into uncharted territories previously deemed impossible.

Leveraging my profound understanding of immersive technologies and my collaborative involvement in digital fashion and immersive art ventures, I contribute valuable insights spanning the entire spectrum of project realization, from initial conception to ultimate fruition.

My approach is rooted in a comprehensive multidisciplinary framework for metaverse project development, centered on the utilization of game engines, 3D design, modeling, and animation software, as well as advanced techniques such as photogrammetry, volumetric capture, and motion capture. Presently, I hold the position of Lead Creative Technologist at the Fashion Innovation Agency within the London College of Fashion. Additionally, I serve as a lecturer, imparting knowledge on new media and their integration within the domains of fashion and the creative industries. In my personal practice, I engage in collaborations with both contemporary artists and fashion creatives, driven by the objective of establishing safer online community platforms. These platforms are designed for diverse and underrepresented artistic voices, facilitating the sharing of their unique narratives and perspectives.